Anna Cellmer

Come tonight

I am a Polish female living in the heart of the greenest region of Poland called 'The land of a thousand lakes'. I am married and a mother of two beautiful boys, working at the University of Warmia and Mazury at the Real Estate Management and Regional Development Chair. Poetry is the subject I …

Yes you're right, my love
We don't need to hurry up at all
We have a lot of time
To meet each other
Step by step
We will know more and more
That you would fill my soul
To complete me whole
I don't want to disappoint you
Not at all
I just love to hear your voice
I just need to be sure of it
That you feel the same
What I feel
That's why I write
All these things
But I believe
That you want me still
And I have hope
For this love
Which wont disappoint
I'm so hungry of your words
I'm curious of your soul
Your point of view
For the things
Your relationships
Your life which you live
As much as your touch and kiss
As much as your palms and lips on me
I want you whole in me
Please complete me
Be within
This is my dream
But you know
That I wish still
To have your heart
So I will try
To be this right girl
If you wish
Even living here
Within your dreams
About me
I wish to make you happy
And I know you want this same
And I love this
I want this
I need
So, please come to me
When I'll go to sleep
Come to my dream
I need to feel your touch inside
I wish to hold your mind
And kiss you for good night