Prince Saremu

cold as stone

Seven years of love and now she's gone
 Seven years of love hard to carry on
 Now she is living new life
 And Um living my life in unknown
 wish I was cold as stone

 Don't know what to write , speechless
 Can't stop missing , thinking about her, sleepless
 Till now I didn't realize
 That um walking in my circle of darkness

 I wish I can say the vow
 I am Prs take you Prf to be my lawful wedded wife
 But she's in my dreams somehow
 Sorry love I can't find the ending, without you in my life

 [ Pause ]
 To have and to hold, for better or for worse
 For richer or for poorer
 [ Loooooooooooooooong Pause ]
 In s i c k n e s s or in health
 To love and to cherish
 [ Loooooong Pause ]
 Till d e a t h do us apart

 It is so sad that you can't her it from me
 It's more than that when I know you are not here
 I miss you like crazy
 You're gone but not forgotten my dear