Anne Rutherford


I have been writing poems since my first son was born.I had poems all over ,stuffed every where.Oct. 06, I was told I had W.M.D.of the eye ,Since then I decided to make the most of my sight now. Had many treatments, operations. I learned to take the good with the bad.I love writing and reading otheā€¦

Sweet as the day is,
I look away.
My mind goes forward,
I look back.
Can't see the future
only the past,
The sun is shining,
but I can't see the light.
My mind is in disarray.
The entrenched ideas stop,
black fog is the spirits
Can't keep it away,the
past comes to haunt,
torment and pursue.
Shadows come with no retreat.
Relinquish the phantom inside
my head,
So I might visualize,outward
Looking ahead for my solution.
Turn the switch and lift the veil.
I don't want to see clouds on
this sunny day.

Copyright 2008,from
Poems From The Heart Series.