Wallace Dean LaBenne


Professor, therapist, author and poet.

Cliches are trite expressions assumed to be the truth.
These hackneyed situations are commonplace and scouth.
"Many ways to skin a cat" is an unlikely case.
Many ways of doing things does nothing to debase.
"Many truths are told in jest" is inadequacy.
Many lies are also told as joke of jeopardy.
"The pot that's watched doesn't boil" is simply not a fact.
The boiling point impatience describes what is exact.
"The choices are sink or swim" is minus quite a few.
The choices are numerous, no limits to construe.
"Its better late than never" unless you miss the boat.
Its better to be on time is what it should connote.
"You always hurt ones you love" is a strange perversion.
You always love the hurt ones should be the conversion.
"It's simply the thought that counts" leads to disappointment.
It's the thought followed by deeds that serves as anointment.
"People are just what they eat" is fact only in weight.
People are what's eating them is a more fit dictate.
Examine the examples of such misleading themes.
Obvious reality each one clearly blasphemes.

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