Amir Samji

Clash of ingnorance

Ignorant to say, it's a clash of civilizations
Is product of our obscure, and blur vision
If follow that, we human have no intuition
It opens up many horizons of obscure-ism

Need to understand root causes of the problems
They are not religious, product of political system
There're scores of chances to solve with wisdom
But didn't do that, let it aggravate with freedom

Put insight to solve them with damage; minimum
Peace & progress it brings regardless of any ism
Capable of doing that with philosophical intuition
Don't wait more, contemplate ways to get it done

Being multi cultural, well placed to live with pluralism
Bring together civil institutions with beauty of wisdom
Let each organization play a role in democratic system
To pave the way of understanding to work with freedom

To run democratic system need to train them
In fold of governing elites, have to bring them
Will create sense of belonging, and patriotism
Everybody will respect you; play any anthem!