Wallace Dean LaBenne

Clap Your Hands

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

Coat your dreams with ecstasy.
Tell your tales in fun.
Mix your themes with fantasy. Set your sails in sun.

Curl your lips with happiness.
Splash your eyes in glee.
Rock your hips with snappiness. Play your skies in key.

Climb your peaks with opulence.
Plant your seed in pride.
Shout your shrieks with influence. March your steed in stride.

Clear your name with history.
Place your goal in sod.
Paint your fame with mystery. Rest your soul in God.

Claim your treat with benefit.
Wear your crown in style.
Shape your feat with discomfit. Veil your frown in smile.

Clap your hands with gratitude.
Swab your fears in pluck.
Take your stands with attitude. Spread your cheers in luck.

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