Alexander Lim

Circadian Rhythm Curse

I am a neurologist, who writes mostly medical articles for publication. When I have time, I tend to write essays and forums, sometimes for our local newspaper in areas that interest me, some of which may be quite controversial. I love "point" and "counterpoint", having been a co-captain of my Hi-sc…

Half-past midnight and I'm
deep into my thoughts.
Morning's struggles leave me
flat on my feet.
Cold showers do as much good
as a glass of warm milk,
but by noon, I pick up steam . . .
Post-prandial siesta is foreign to me.
Come evening, my cortisol hormones are
raging out of control, my mind racing,
composing this poem.

Daytime world leave us night owls
to our own "hootin'" . . .
a small price for peace and solitude.
Our collectively defective biological
clock causing this circadian cycle
reversal--permanently out of sync.
Though I'm comfortable with my cycle,
circadian rhythm curse be damned!