Jessica Jones

cigarette kiss

i'm 20 years old and living in Las Vegas, NV. i started writing poetry when i was in 7th grade. It was the same year my mother was diagnosed with cancer and i guess unknowingly i started to write to coupe with my feelings. i know most of my poems seem to be alot about death but you really can't cla…

as smoke comes from
your mouth and lips
i taste the nicotine
that makes me sick

the smoke
from your tasteless lips
cigarette tastes
like a kiss

those are the things that I'll miss
they are the parts i wont forget
but looking at our past
i realize i have one regret

several sleepless nights
spent writing on the walls
i wish you were here
to sit and read it all

with paper cuts sliced
on my wrists
just so i can fit
with all the emo kids

I'm sorry for the things i regret
but to live without any
is to be lost in a world of greed
every ones lost but thinks they're not
ill be the first to say
we're all dying in this friendly curse