Eben Cornelius Roelofse

Choices(Non Archaic)

I'm 18 years old, currently doing matric and from South Africa. I really love poetry and hope to one day become a famous poet. Please help me to achieve my dream? Tips and stuff like that would be very helpful. Thank you. Email me if you want to know something or just discuss poetry ebenroel@gmail.…

Remember a time when you had hope.
your unfathomable belief,
which have perished and changed to grief.
An Answer for which you grope,
But in your age, eyes have seen truth.
Such horrors; youth can not comprehend.

Dimwitted, Ignorant and Vain
We prance forth
unable to see what horrors lie north
At the edge, our bodies, this earth shall claim
Clamant, circadian we rush to our daily deeds
Neglecting, unable to endow in ourselves.

Wretched we are, our hearts burnt black;
nevertheless a small plant grows through.
If watered, vivacious will grow ones milieu.
The dark, burnt crusts shall laminate; crack.
Do you have strength enough to conquer your pernicious ways?
Or shall habit overtake you?

Shall we pluck the fruits of our harvest,
 or dissolve in our own wickedness?

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