Den Khaustov


creative and elaborate person with avalanche of tangled thoughts roaming in the head that can unexpectedly align and pour out on a paper, forming a new piece of art

A shriek that means
Beginning of new life.
A scene in memory will revive:
An angel touches baby with the wings.

A land of ease
And freedom; there's no place for crime.
Light-heartedness erases sense of time
Throwing a tender kiss.

Childhood – sounding laugh,
Sincere smiles;
Pure shining eyes
Are filled with love.

Boundless love for one
Who tolerated ache
For precious child's sake
To blot him out from barrel of gun.

Once born from womb,
Man gets imperishable ties
That cannot be chopped off or simply die
Until he takes it with himself in tomb.

Childhood – nice living's passage
Makes give a thought;
Breaks, stirs a heart
And sends to mind nostalgic message.

An old film for sole eyes:
Smile-causing plot, familiar hero.
It is like looking in a mirror
Which made reflection younger and now lies.

These flashbacks that one should maintain.
Remember past, live for today.
Either adult or kid, man knows the way
To run to mother's hugs again.