Ian Sawicki


Ian Sawicki has been writing poetry for over twenty years. He is a Manchester born poet, who has dedicated his life to exploration and composition of poetry. His work reflects the many great influential experiences of his life, the pain, the pleasure combined to create new exciting poetry. If anyon…

Those secrets were meant for your ears only,
yet now they dance across other's cold grins,
laughable friendship lies in the gutter -
it reeks of silent decay and distrust,
fake smiles feast upon insecurity,
not mine but that which hover in your heart.
Unbelief fractured the bond on these lips,
maggots of hatred crawl with purpose now
towards revenge and I shall claim them soon.

Enjoy those brand new hugs and soft kisses,
they will not last for long in that bitter
soul which cruises along dishonesty,
you'll be revealed to the light of the world,
eyes will crack whips of hot abandonment,
exposed skin and emotions will wither,
a rose of panic will stutter each move
that you make, it's checkmate sweet enemy,
topple yourself beneath this fine bright crown.

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