Forrest Griffith

Changing Life

As I sat in my chair on the front of the porch, enjoying some tea and my afternoon snack, I pondered on living my life as I had, alone, and without someone beside me to laugh.

It was then on the corner I noticed a man, staring straight at my porch with his face quite contort

He antagonized me, most emphatically so, and he spoke in hushed tones, as they sounded so low

"Would you care to know my story, might help with YOUR life, which is obviously without content, and I know I'm quite right"

While not so amused I was rather perplexed, was my expression a mess, that strange men would protest?

"If it passes the time and it's not just one line, I suppose that I have an abundance of tea and your story may in some way benefit me."

And so he began, a tale who's end would greatly impact the man I will be.

"I've three kids and a wife, whom I've know half my life and make millions of dollars a week, and between all the work, there comes time every week to show comfort to those who are dependant on me."

"I'm sure you've been told all your life the same thing, that some things in life, they just aren't meant to be"

And as he spoke those last words, he peered straight at my soul, he was right. Was it true, was it that obnoxiously shown?

Why just yesterday someone had spoken to me, to give up, to not try, for it's not meant to be.

It was then that I spoke, most regrettably so, and the words cut deep, but how at that moment was I supposed to know.

"Get off of my porch, I don't need your advice, what would you know of life, of my misery and my strife.

He laughed heartily and peered deeper inside of my soul, and his words reverberated down through the whole.

"What would you know of strife, of that miserable life that so many on this planet are living instead?!"

"What would you know of hunger, and of pain, and of grief, or of passion, and work, and intent to be free?"

"Or of love, or of truth, or of the effort some make on a basis most daily, to make life for you more than theirs will ever be?"

"Some people may say things are not meant to be, but those people don't know, they are nothing like me"

"For I tried, and succeeded where you sir, have failed"

"If not simply because while you sat on your porch and enjoyed your snack, and you drank your tea and you spoke all your smack, I worked and I toiled and I slaved away, to make life for my family more than just that"

"So give it your best, go big or go home. And if you're not going to TRY don't complain, now goodbye"

He walked off down the street with a skip in his step and he waved at the corner and nodded his head.

I stood from my chair and walked into my home, and I knew there that moment what had to be done. So I picked up the phone and I called who I loved and I said I'd be over at nine fifty-one.

I walked up to her door and she came to greet me, with smile she said, " won't you come in, have some tea"

I said, "there's no need, for this visit will be brief"

And I kissed her right there, right on her cheek.

I'll never forget that very strange man, or the words that he spoke that forced a move of the hand.

That changed me so deeply as the person today, is not the same man,who would sit and enjoy his afternoon snack.

To those who have never met this man, I challenge you to do the best that you can.

So the day that you see him, he'll see you too, and he'll know that you need no help from him, like a great many do. For you've mastered yourself and you've moved forward with life, and you've ended that excuse for so called misery and strife. And you've tried, and you've failed, and you've got up to try again, and it paid off in the end because that's living life.