I would rather not say ...


Everyone has to evolve
Everything has to change
Nothing can last forever
Nothing can stay the same
I'm hanging onto a dying rope
Desperately hanging onto my childhood
Who I used to be
But I'm slipping
I'm getting too heavy
I'm growing
And I can't stop
I standing on a sidewalk
On one side there is a road
Full of danger
But also full of opportunity
On the other side is a nice garden
Where the plants will die someday
Which do I choose?
I can't stand on this sidewalk forever
I need to move on
But there is so much danger as there is possibilities
What if I don't make the right choice?
What if I turn into a horrible person?
I don't want to be just another adult
I want to say a child
But nothing can stay the same
Everything has to change
Everyone dies someday

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