stan brierly

Changed Our Pattern

I have been writing poems for forty years and written about all sorts of things. Somehow I get creating streaks and can write up to 4 or 5 poems at once of varying subjects. I find it is a good way to record events of the day and bring history to life.The mental aspect is a balance against keeping …

Life is different its never the same,
Buy a meal its under an other name,
Gone the days of just fish and chips,
Now its shushi or something from Asian strips.

Rice and noodles or curry that's hot,
Sometimes even mild depending on what you've got,
Even perhaps kebabs or burgers and fries,
Then other choices that appear before your eyes.

No Georgie Pie unless they come back,
Consider roast chicken from a supermarket pack,
But be alert there's the corner KFC,
That Kentucky fried for you or me.

Japanese and Thai plus Indian as well,
Try Food Courts where many patrons dwell,
Amazing the aromas which is the best?
Its too confusing but try some by test.

All the above plus Pizza's too,
Staggering the range that's delivered to you,
Maybe a roast with vegetables and meat,
Even a desert such a delectable treat.

Yes 'twas so we decided on Indian cuisine,
Hot with rice from where we had been,
So many shops where once there was grass,

In yonder valley where many motorists pass.