Larry Covington

Can I give you a lift?

Should I release the beast, cold and cruel in the heat of his wrath?
Ready to condemn any unenlightened soul to the fire of hell's lake
Claim the wrath of God as my right to spread to any ear listening.

Should I cage this marauder of the weak and defenseless innocents?
Muzzle the angry slashing teeth which rend the flesh of babe's struggling
Look with tender eyes upon all are my brothers and sisters searching.

For I have witnessed the power of War, death, and destruction unchecked
Seen the victims of greed, broken down to a base existence of blank faces
Staring open-eyed into the face of hopelessness with tear-dried tracks

While in my heart I can see a new world, of difference
Where no one ask for help since it's already given
And the music heard is filled with love and understanding.

“Brother, can you spare a dime”
“Here, friend, take this dollar.”
I have some extra time, can I give you a lift?