Guillermo Gomez

Call me Maybe

I am a new poet, book writer, songs writer and singer. I been writing since Nov 2009 and I enjoy inspiring others with my words. We all have the right to be fully happy and sometimes a poem, a statement, a book or a song can give us a new direction, can become a light and change our life for good. …

Maybe the reason so many people are depressed, is because they are out of tune with natures harmonic sounds and from the connect we have with one another! Imagine a world without money, status, things, and a world where we help our brothers and sisters out no matter what, where we are free love with all our heart, where we are free to believe however we wish, and most of all a world where we solve the root issues causing the problems and do not just make a law to punish people for being products of their environments! If we stop masking the issues, accept responsibility for what is going on in this world, stop wasting and consuming, then we will be able to move on as a species and use our limitless imaginations to create an amazing world to live in! A world free of the stress we have now, free of oppression, free of judgment, free of hate, and where all people stand equal and free! I know it's a hard concept because we are all so attached to our money and our toys, but is our happiness worth the cost of destroying our world, the countless people who die for resources we don't need but want, the countless children who starve, and all the other injustice that goes on so that we can live in a Better World!