Curtis Atchley

Cajun Flower

I met a girl way down in Lou-zi-an
Who told me that her name was Marianne
A Cajun rose that took me by the hand
And told me that I was her only man

She was a looker and I must confess
She made me nervous in that yellow dress
And all I knew is that I must disguise
The raging passion burning in my eyes

She moved me like nobody else I know
With all her souther comfort, smooth and slow
And when she said she'd always love me so
It made me never wanna let her go

But I was foolish as a younger man
And broke a heart way down in Cajun land
And found a love and wouldn't let it last
And wish I could go back and change the past

If you are ever down in Cajun land
And find somebody like my Marianne
Don't be a fool and ever let her go
But tell her that you'll always love her so