Linda Parks Owens

Butterfly Wings

Tears are an echo of the crushing hurt down deep inside
When we get the news that a cherished loved one has died.
We relive each moment and think of what might have been,
If we had but known how close it was to their earthly end.
You know Jesus weeps and bows His head in sorrow,
When He sees the pain that lies in store for us tomorrow.
He sends an angel to fetch our loved ones home to Him.
He is waiting to dry our tears as they overflow the brim.
We must ask for His help to get over our heart broken grief.
But before that can happen; we must accept Him and believe.
There is no suffering or pain where our angels have gone.
They simply earned their reward and Jesus took them Home.
We will never lose them as long as their memory remains,
So in this we can rejoice and turn loose of all the pain.
Blessings are sent from Heaven daily in very small things,
Like the very softest of caresses from a butterfly's wings.