Bullets from heaven

A fortyish native born all American man. Married twice and for the last time. I have four children; Three daughters and one son that are all over the age of eighteen. I also have two grandchildren; one three years old and one nine months old. Inspired by God, tragedy, life's experiences and th…

Bullets, they do rain down from heaven
Have no doubt
They fall engraven
Your name sprawled across the casing, tout
Glory killings brazen
Cries of mercy, silence all around, rings out!
Spent shells litter even
As pleas to repentance comes about
Missiles liken, rifling dead ravens
Teflon coated in forgiveness without
Pierce the heart of those least craven
The message, nourishment begins to sprout
Bullets, they do rain from the heavens
See that you be not the proud!