Kumar Kamal

Bulbullee Neerob

"Bulbullee neerob Nargish borney
Ghorra phool gholaperey prolaap showney!"
"Bulbul`s silent in Nargish forest
Listening to the weeping,wailing of the
fallen rose petals!"
Arti goes to Temple to worship and pray
Touches she temple-bells
The rhythms of Love pass through her veins
Gods and Goddesses full of Innocene,Prem
Yet she wounded me so deeply
With the arrows of Unwillingness
Many a water then passed through Thames
As a kid,while you used to wet your bed
Did you ever feel the warm sensations of
Pleasure on your naked flesh?!
While I was a young boy,I used to lament as
how all the ugly men and women got married to
all the beautiful men and women?
Then the nights would fall,and the night sky
would burst with stars,stars,stars,Everywhere

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