Hasmukh Mehta

Build the trust

am an ex-serviceman from Indian Air force. I joined Oriental Insurance Company and retired from there too in May, 2007. I have been graduated from Punjab University. I hold technical qualification like Diploma in Radio/engineering .I have done English and Hindi stenography as well. I had mastered t…

You forgot the to color the yellow
 to represent the sun shine and glow
 with bright paint to show wind's blow
Sign of gentle movement to show

 Paint also the rainbow
 That may show fine arrow
 happiness on human faces
 That is shown among all the races

 Each color represents significance
 Not realized by al at once
 They are mood of nature
 Our pride and future

 No color can be neglected
 As they are never selected
 They are natural and interwoven
 As if words are unspoken

 They are our part
 We must force them not to depart
 They should stay and inspire us
 Build the confidence and trust

We are like strangers here
We must show our presence everywhere
Help out all those have no means
Then only color may have beautiful scene

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