Bobby Ferguson

Bringing You A Rainbow

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Passing through a town again, going to old places
getting looks from everyone, see the same old faces,
I can see them pointing, saying there he goes
he is over there, the wizard of our rainbows.

Magic feats amazed them, I was needed then
Seems like yesterday, now I'm back again,
I brought back the light, brightly is the sunlight
my magic wand of imagery, moved from left to right.

As the sky grew dim, some gaps then appeared
I cast my magic wand, then a whole town cheered,
Suddenly the rainbows, they filled up the sky
no-one even blinked, never wondered why.

The wizard had returned, as if he had known
no-one seemed to notice, all the birds had flown,
There was always cloud, but never any rain
now the wizards been, I'm feeling drops again.

Bobby Ferguson 2013