Bhupathi Prabhakara Rao

Bouquet of beauty

I am a retired bank manager presently working for an Indian infrastructure company in a senior position I love to be a member of this portal

Eye catching rose among roses
Enlivened lotus amidst lotuses
As cute as chrysanthemum
Her enticing beauty is a bouquet
Of seen and unseen flowers
Add cosmetic touch to cosmic look

Piles of lily white smiles
Peels of lovely laugh
Lunar face, stellar grace
Solar radiance bracing up cosmos
Down her tempting temple canvas
Stupid cupid in hurry to canvass

Queen in the garden of lovers
Akin to bunch of brilliant flowers
Cascading hair crown her head
Hang around her face in hunger
In tune with wayward breeze

Her refined face defines beauty
Cup of lips grip her tasty tone
The rest of her coveted cover
To be discovered by none
Other than owner's crazy mirror

Oh behold! to adore the beauty
And admire its adept architect
When to win her cheek and cheer
And who the victor of the nectar
Not for us to speculate on spot