Roland 'KingShip' Ediare

Born with a Purpose

I'm a man sold-out to The God of JesusChrist...I preach Him in & out of Season...-I I love life, laughter and being myself...I'm "BRASH"; usually not a 'respecter of persons'...I practically speak things as they are with a pragmatic intent. ...And I'm usually Very PASSIONATE about whatever I speak …

Born with a purpose to Reign
To dominate on earth
Situations and circunstances all alike
Elicit that God-given freedom
Live it till I give it
The love that God is I chose to share
Responsive to his Spirit
My Ultimate teacher
Windows blind shade up
To distractions and detractors
I won't stop till I learn it all
I won't die, I aleady did
On the cross with Christ my Lord
Longevity in the body
Till my work is done
I honor my father and my mother
So I'm waranteed for life
I won't move till he says so
I tarry to be endued with power
My race, I run with focus
Even choose what people see
All apearance of evil, I flee from
The presence of manipulation,
A silent revelation of distaste,
Hatred and lack of trust
From men, I don't care a hoot
With his blood in my veins
In his presences I dwell
All the days of my life
His pleasures and joy fully mine