Ms. Marcella Francesca

Blurb about love/the thirst (rhymes, supposed to be a rap but it didn't do the thing so)

i still feel part of me is missing
kissing you feels true and wipes away the blues
i'm cracking up over here when you're not near

and i hate myself, where's miss independent?
i try my best to see these feelings and transcend them
cause i wear you round my neck just like a pendant
you're more than a friend and with you i'm in heaven

this is a fantasy to me, you don't exist
and i'm waiting, writing, crying, dying as the emptiness persists
sighing all the time with the life in my hands
as life makes its demands i stand attentive
finding love is my only incentive
to leave my bed instead of resting my head all day
and i try to pray the thirst away