I am Me


I started writing after years and years of botteld up feelings - felt the words pushing to come they burst from me now. My inspirations are Nature at it's purest ,My dreams at their clearest My heart at it's rawest And Master poet Mr. Eddie Vedder

Comes and goes
just like the wind blows
the air
I breathe
I am ...

 Sometimes hot and heavy – not moving
Sometimes cold and wet-too cold to feel
 It's swirling like a wind whirl
 So confused doesn't know to decide which way to go
I am a grain of sand
 caught up inside
blowing from here to there
 slowly gently wildly from corner to corner
up and down far and here
I am a cloud
 always on the go
move on, with sun

 world still turns , turns on its own
the day turns to dusk
shadows appear
 I blow
come , and then go..

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