Hasmukh Mehta

Blessings in disguise

am an ex-serviceman from Indian Air force. I joined Oriental Insurance Company and retired from there too in May, 2007. I have been graduated from Punjab University. I hold technical qualification like Diploma in Radio/engineering .I have done English and Hindi stenography as well. I had mastered t…

No one may say “don't do this”
 No one may say “don't do please”
This comes from excusive domain
 Parents, friends and relatives form this chain

 It is show of closeness
 Near affinity and shown on face
 Only known people may try to guide
 You too may seek their advice and confide

 You like it so much as it has no selfish interest
 People come forward to show the way with trust
 It is always nice to feel with their presence
 There is honest backing with least worry hence

 Up to certain age it comes with little compulsion
 That stage is crucial for you as it full of confusion
 Some one is needed to provide you exactness
 The room for change and correctness

 Life doesn't end with their advice alone
 So many mistakes might have been committed and remained
 Yet that is an advantageous stage to seek always
 From them and feel worry free for the stress

 Chase the goal but go backward too
 Many may want to watch and wants to go through
 With all its glory to excel
 They may only come to you as well

 You may be lucky if this help is available
 Many may be down with lots of troubles
 Timely help is not made available to them in time
 So it is blessings in disguise sometimes

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