Wallace Dean LaBenne

Blackjack Drove Me

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

Blackjack was my chauffer. My maid, Delta Dawn.
Mr. Peas was my butler. My cook, Gracie Fawn.

Blackjack drove me up a wall. Delta cleaned me out.
Mr. Peas had lots of gall. Gracie broiled with clout.

Blackjack danced with Delta. Delta served up Peas.
Gracie ball rolled gefilte. Each one left to please.

Blackjack broke his compass. Delta dropped her mop.
Mr. Peas caused a rumpus. Gracie dumped her slop.

First I fired my chauffer. Next I canned my maid.
Then I booted my butler. My cook went unpaid.

My life is hunky-dory since I took control.
The moral of the story: find a trusty soul.

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