Lori Dixon

Black Hole

My name is Lori DixonWriting poems, short stories has always been a passion of mine. Writing is my way to deal, understand my own thoughts, feelings.Most of my writing is deep and emotional.Writing my poems is a freedom for me.As I begin to write each word describing my feelings, thoughts, it allow…

Being the person I am
hungry for and to be seen
embraced and held close
A twisted realistic need that others see as a freak
It needs fed
I'm splitting apart trying to fit in a normal
square size box
Collard to one who abandoned me
Alone and feeling unfamiliar in my own head skin in a state of hopelessness
I'm trembling standing afraid
The sky is dark even in the day
The constant clutter of noise never changes
its a hunger I can't feed enough
It's beyond recal
Falling further into the black hole of disparity
©Lori Dixon

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