Jawahar Gupta

Beyond wind and water

And the pilot's wife wanted
Change in Altitude
Looking for the second wind
Containing a different beauty in the air
Free from sacred sin
Without any sweet revenge
Without any genuine lies
An open secret of carnal innocence
In presence of restless divine evils
Of honest public illusion
Always finding a private scandal
In the hidden treasure of virtuous sky

I will cook for you
To hold the entire clan
Come sit with me in front of fire
Take a drop of honey in your glass of milk
Put your feet up and put your brain in motion
I am not telling you any story but Truth
Remember! You drank the milk of your mother
And eaten all sorts of fruits beyond your power
So prevent all sorts of Malaria from your area
And no more punishment than the real crimes
In the wake of retaliation beyond wind and water

~~~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~~

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