Hasmukh Mehta

Beware of jackals

am an ex-serviceman from Indian Air force. I joined Oriental Insurance Company and retired from there too in May, 2007. I have been graduated from Punjab University. I hold technical qualification like Diploma in Radio/engineering .I have done English and Hindi stenography as well. I had mastered t…

Beware of jackals
They can smell
If tested once
They will attempt at another chance

They are in disguise of human face
You can never trace
They will try to make you fool
Employ all means to make you unsuccessful

They use sweet language
And skillfully manage
They will lure you in talkative style
Their mission is successful meanwhile

You find yourself in soup
It will be defeat without coup
No thrown and no empire
You shall leave the palace to live on hire

Just be cautious
As they have become famous
Same trick shall not work often

They may too land in trouble sudden

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