Den Khaustov


creative and elaborate person with avalanche of tangled thoughts roaming in the head that can unexpectedly align and pour out on a paper, forming a new piece of art

I'm scared, but yet I eagerly await
For you to pour upon me slow,
Forever change my solid state.
The devastating action you create –
My being feels you gently flow.

Although you scorch, I don't explode,
Absorbing fluid, rebel streams.
I'm gradually melting into your abode,
Plunge deeply down like a fragile boat
During an ocean's riot that is so grim.

You wash me, whip with tender wave.
I revel into your abundance.
Will chemistry make me its slave?
Some inexplicability. I can't be saved.
Perhaps it's your amazing fragrance.

When you inhale me, our parts collide
And penetrate through one another.
As if we gently share an impetuous bite.
This breaks my structure, almost blight.
Why did you choose my life to smother?

While body crumbles, eyes make no tear.
Hundreds of tiny shards detach.
Fading away without fear,
I merge with you for our bond gets sheer.
From now on we're perfect match.

Beryllium – a sacrifice of your embrace.
As acid you dissolved me with no fight.
That's love forced me to bravely face
Such deep affection, left the trace
Somewhere close to my heart, inside.