Tracy Bollinger

Bend By Mind, Straighten By Hand

Always liked to write and have written poems periodically over the years. I've never shared them withanyone except for immediate family. Decided to take the plunge and put some out 'there'. But bearwith me, I don't really know what I'm doing. This is therapy of sorts and I hope to let go of the neeā€¦

As it went Ami knew Usher who knew Uma
Uma was cousin to Uri who had taught her,
So by the time Ami learned it in high drama
Forget occult, just required a good teacher.

Ami being adept at getting parking spaces
Anywhere anytime n' dissolving big nimbus,
Could finish sentences by reading the faces
Easily as any normal paranormal obsesses.

It comes to pass a casual dinner of deviants
Broker broken bread n' cracked open heads,
N' silverware of quality being under influence
Of spoon-bending truants street-wise "cred".

As was uncommonly common a 'norm' I host
Dining drawn on broad swath of abnormality,
Often as not becoming subject of timely roast
I 'straighten' wares the older way in formality.