Anny McNeilus

Believing in dreams

Writing since the 9th grade I think... LoL best time for a girl to find an outlet... And I just Love words.. I'd like to expand to song writing as well-though I'm a bit clueless on the how-to... Any helpful hints and suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated-I'm loving this site-as I am broad…

You have always been the one
To whom which I have always run to
In life and I'm sure in death it will be the same...
An unbridled love that nothing could tame
You've been my light and we've stumbled together through the dark.
Only you could make me fly and sing like a lark..
You showed me what true love feels like...
This road we've been down, though sometimes painful, has been an adventurous hike :)
I pray that you know these words, like my love, will always ring true..
Anything less than you could ever do.
You make me see outside the box...
And I love the way u always wake up missing one of your socks :)
I love the way u push me to be more..
And I love the times when u hold open the door...
Kyle, my love, you've been the force that gives me drive..
You know just how to make me feel oh so alive.
For as long as we have left together-
I believe there is nothing we can't weather.
So unsure the future now seems...
Though I've seen it so many times in so many dreams..
The two of us, like Bonnie and Clyde..
Never leaving each other's side..
I've felt my hand in yours when we're old...
I've tasted happy tears of our love and our life yet to come.. My dreams have all foretold..
Come lay with me,, hold me tight to your side..
Close your eyes and see my dreams, let them carry you on the tide.