joy balan

Bejeweled shrouded sky

A nearly full moon night,

Fluffy clouds graze by.

Tender breeze nips gently,

The slumbering trees good night.

Staring at the starry sky,

And the near full moon glowing by,

Musing at the painted dark,

I stand beneath the shrouded sky…

I've lost you today,

You are never going to come by.

You parted at the strangest times,

Without a note or good bye.

You were never the one so near,

You couldn't dry my eyes,

Yet now I feel you in air,

Caressing me as you go by.

Some bonds aren't made of gold,

Some do have their thorny side,

Yet amidst this starry sky.

I stand to remember to cry….

Tears of love held back in time

As I see someone you left by,

Clogging the love for you again,

I rush to set things right!

I stare at the sky some more

Hoping to see a glimpse, a sign.

All that is a near full moon,

And the bejeweled shrouded sky,

I silently swallow my tears ,

And slowly say goodbye…