Karolina MarszaƂkowska

Being yourself

Hello. I am just one of us , random 20 year old girl that loves to write. I'm writing not to gain fame or respect , just because it brings me happiness. Feel free to read, criticize. All your comments are welcomed cause I'd like to know what you think. ^^

An empty shell I thought you were
Made itself full enough to feel
After consuming living hell
The day would come foryou to kill

Your body would be burnt to dust
Your soul shattered without hope
Your mind insane from pain and lust
Your heart - history kept on hold

That's what it takes for you to scream
See how it hurts to feel the life
How it blinds while still unseen
And how devours you from inside

It's only fair for heaven's sake
That you experience what we do
Take it all or live as fake
That's what it takes to be just you

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