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Behind a Word

24-6-1944/DOB bsc, mbbs. fica Kandangath,Kattoor-680702-Thrissur India-680702

Sunday, 1 March 2015

 Bharatheeyakavitha-17- Behind a Word- dr.k.g.balakrishnan Amazon Author- 2-3-2015

 Bharatheeyakavitha- 17- 2-3-2015
 dr.k.g.balakrishnan kandangath
 Amazon Author
 Behind a Word

 From the Pupa;
 This Moment;
 This Expression;
 The Time.

 From this A
 The Birth;
 The Dawn, the Smile;
 The Dusk-the Dark;
 The Anger, the Hate too;
 Thus the funny Multiverse.

 From this Spell;
 My Imagination;
 My Smell,
 My View and All;
 And All;
 The Music; the Art;
 The piercing Shoot;
 The thundering Death!

 The Flow; the Eternal;
 The Imminent;the Integral;
 From the A;
 The Mountain, the Ocean;
 The furthering Space;
 Each an' Everything;
 Behind a Word.
 ------------------------------- dr.k.g.balakrishnan Poet of Bharatham. 2-3-2015

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