T A Balasubramanian

Begum Spider and The Hurricane

Sitting on her silken strands,
Spinning with her busy hands,
Begum Spider heard the wind
Knocking at the Doors of Hind.

"What a racket!" Begum said,
Slapping hand upon her head.
"Go!" she said, "And scare some flies!
I'm no humble sacrifice!"

"You're crazy!" boomed the Hurricane,
"No insect can be so insane!
I'll blow you and your webby home
All the way from here to Rome!"

Begum Spider turned her back
Scoffing at the wind's attack,
"Do your worst, you rattle snake!
For I won't let my castle break!"

Said the chastened Hurricane,
Wheezing tamely down the lane,
"You can turn and keep your net.
One like you, I've never met!"

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