suzy Q

becoming a woman

i roam alone to surpress my loneliness because i am tired of being around the thoughts can not handle the world anymore.i want to be loved and i want to be this too much to ask for ? i hope you recognizing my womanly thoughts is scaring you to become a man and to stop taking me to out to burger king for a date. i am now a woman of my own .i hold the keys to my parents have done enough and now i have my own needs.and those needs can not be satisfy through being around the norm.i am seeking for a better life not a life of a teenage girl who gets fascinated by every little thing a little boy does for her.i am now seeking for freedom.freedom of the mind and body.
 instead of being lonely in peace, i get lonelier than a broken tooth. i want to escape and come back alive ,but it is not working as i've always wanted.