Shon White

Beauty From Dust

I'm just dust with a pen; graciously given a talent for word play and redemption from sin...

"Fearfully and wonderfully made"
That's what I think
As my fingers make their way
Over every inch...
I can't help but to be amazed

By the look in her eyes
And the enticement of her lips
I belong only to her -
As I wrap my arms around her hips
I am spoken for

This is far removed
From the folklore of a high school crush
This is bone of my bone...
Flesh of my flesh...
Beauty from dust

Side by side, we collide
In our passion to become one; similar in fashion
From now to everlasting - until we're done away
Never to be undone as we stand before each other
Naked and unashamed

The interlocking of our frames
From which our love hangs
Holding fast to one another in a strong embrace
A meeting of the mind, heart and soul untamed
That can only be known face to face