Eugene Hetler

Bayou Livin' (Spring/Summer version)

I love the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and that goes with Him. I read the Bible and pray daily. I try not to be judgemental but some days the fire comes out like a dragon burping a big gas fire on accident after a big meal. I love to write. Please read waht I write. I love to write thingsā€¦

We're coming home
Crossing bridges
Rebuilding our lives
Who's going fishin'?
I'm coming
The rain falls
Our heart's sing
They buy
We sell
Red fish Rodeo
Cajun women drink beer
Fight like a guy
Nasty mouth
Bite your tongue
Who's goin' down to the Bayou?
Cast your net to the other side
You speak the lingo
Dark nights
Country hearts
City lights
Floating by
Spring Festivals
Crawfish boils
Riverboat dancing
Summer romance
Watch the Cathedral lights change
Walk by the water
There's only one beach
A kiss on the pier
Riverboat gambling
Bonfire fireworks
Come on
I'll show ya how the Empire works
Floating in your blown up pool
Sunglass tan
Backyard barbques
Asleep on the front porch
Squeeky porch swing
Endless family arguments
Everyone always hears them
Nosey neighbors
Nosey Cops
Hidden drug deals between them
Annoying bosses
Not enough jobs
Too much sleeping around
That's how they get jobs
French Quarter finance
Dance down Bourbon
Sell your art on the ground
The puking sounds disturbing
French Market bound
Music in the distance
Mostly Jazz and Zydeco
Listen to that sound
Walk theough the crowds