eliseo guerrero cervantes

Bare And Naked

Whatever color it is--except dark and black,
Is so engagingly inviting to me that
Whenever that "kindling moment" beckons,
I cannot control myself. And with my Helen-
Ready and willing, I know, I must be a captor,
Not a captive, albeit I already feel very much
"Caged and bound." And while my feelings
And emotions get the best of me, I must find
My "way out" in silence.
I make it a point that when I go out,
I have one or two...folded in my shirt pocket.
For times are aplenty when what I reckoned
Were "masterpieces" had to "die"
Unnecessarily, much to my regret.
When it is "clothed" nicely (from head to toe)
By someone else, I have this age-old habit of
"Gobbling it down" with a cup of tea or coffee.
I love it totally bare and naked,
Because the process of covering or "dressing it up"
Makes me just want to dance and sing, or shout.

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