Danny E. Mayon

Bad Choices

I have seen you many times
You hide from me, just waiting to snare me
To consume me, in regret and pity.
I admit you have beaten down many times,
You have enjoyed your victories
You know I hate you and despise you,
You are an unworthy adversary but real.
When you play your games, I'm easy prey,
Although I have beaten you more than you me,
Your impact is horribly devastating to me.
It's not fair to hit so hard.
Sometimes I beg for mercy
You know you will not win,
You're part of me now.
I have discovered your weaknesses over time,
And will now fight you on your own terms.
I am fed up with you!
You have taught me many things.
I still have my courage to win.
Victory is mine in the end; I hate you.

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