Paula Mayabb


When I first saw you
I thought you were sweet
But now that thought
Makes me heave

You were just a fake
And now I know
Should have never trusted you
But who was to know

Now I know just how you are
Your an abusive *ss
Who took it to far

You made me hurt
In more than one way
But on that last day
I had my say

You hit me for the last time
That day on the trampoline
Because you didnt only hit me
You turned to choking

You knew i could take a hit
And so you took it to another step
And got your *ss kicked

I may be a girl
But im not stupid
Im very strong
And wasnt gonna let you do this

I put up with it for months
But finally that day came
When I had enough and it was time to do

Do what I had to in order to stay alive
You tried to kill me that day
But I am alive
I dug my nails into your arm
With my free hand
Then I ran them down your arm
So that they tore your skin

It was my only defense
To get you to let go
I did what I had to do
But I was saved by the yell

My mom yelled for him to stop
Which gave me the ability to push him off
Everyone blamed me
For he showed everyone the cuts
But only if they could have seen
The marks he left on me

I learned something that day
I learned that my best friend
Could have saved the day
Only if she would have stayed
But no, When I called her name
She laughed and walked away
How would she feel if I were dead today
Because she didnt stay when I called her name
My death would be partly her fault
Would she even care
Maybe back then she would
But now i doubt she would
For she is not my best friend anymore
And thats because of her