Emile Pinet

Awaken Sleeping Fears

I was born in a small town, (Bathurst) New Brunswick, Canada,. The third eldest of thirteen children, ten girls and three boys. I’m the product of a semi-dysfunctional family, brought up by a controlling, physically abusive father, verses a loving mother. Many of my poems reflect the uniqueness and…

Beer comes in bottle or can,
ready to numb any pain.
And drank by woman or man,
it rushes straight to their brain.

Alcohol rules its domain,
mimicking feelings of love.
To escape you need abstain,
dust it off and rise above.

Anguish distilled from tears,
it's an elixir of vice.
For it'll awaken sleeping fears,
and demand you pay the price.

As Death feeds off toxic drink,
depression inks your world black.
For taking you to the brink,
alcoholism cuts no slack.

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