August'S summary

Poetry is therapy

Mrs. Doubtfire Has Died
Please Don't Wake Me
All night I cried
I still feel empty

Behind The Smile
Inside I'm really crying
Simone and I went Overboard
If I'm Lying I'm Flying

Let Us Pray....
Lord Cleanse My Soul
Remove the hate
Show You're in control

Forgiveness Requested
Love Erected
Honesty is accepted
Negativity is rejected

You Served Your Country
All Around The World
From My Womb You Came
A beautiful little girl

Where Heartbeats Belong
I Never Left You
I Walk This Road Alone
I'm Imperfect like you

Lord, Take It All
Let It End With Me
When Tomy and GP left
That was the Death Of Poetry

The end of every month I take SOME of the TOP POEMS and SOME POEMS I really enjoyed and I take their titles and make a poem with them that's why I capitalize the titles of the poems, its my way of saying thanks for these amazing poems

Please don't wake me, Behind the Smile -Michelle Angel
Let Us Pray -Chuck Bruno
From my Womb You Came, I walk this road alone -Maria Shaw
All around the world - Cocoa Shawnee
Where Heartbeats Belong -Bobby Ferguson
You Served Your Country - Krystal Koru
Imperfect -Faheem Jawaid
Lord, Take it all - Norm Smith
Mrs Doubtfire Has Died - Tiffany Glass
Lord Cleanse My Soul -Louise
Overboard, If I'm lying I'm flying -CHELSEA WILLIAMS
Forgiveness Requested, Love Erected, Death of poetry, Let it end with me -Haunted Memories aka the Good Twin (Tomy Hindley)

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