Riva Murphy


I am a living, breathing poem, a compilation of lyrics, and an enigma. I am dramatized, by traumas past and a life that is unequivocally mine.

by Kymlee Kopera

The runner! the runner!
it is fine if you are the chosen one,
until that course appears before you
dominates your mind, your life behind you
and it is daunting out on the horizon.

Seeker! oh seeker!
If you make a mistake you will fall
and then you will rise, again only to fall
it is an uphill battle to a downwards hole
not an end, this life, with the veracity and farcical

Dire! Dire!
we will all dance in fire
we will all burn, we burn as we toss, as we turn
we sweat out the gore and the grime and the black
then the Sun sends a ray into our murky heart

Lover! Be my lover!
I have fought through the pit
I have screamed your name on my lips
you have long evaded my capture


You must know you are constantly what I chase after.

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