Jane Lomas

As Love Turns Cold and Dying

All poems included here are just first draft's. I hadn't written poetry for a few years, so to polish my art and find my muse I posted some quickly written poems on these pages so I could see your response. It has helped me by reading your reviews about my poems (all of which I have taken into cons…

A crimson heart bleeds, as the blood runs cold
Ruby red droplets, kiss the cheeks of the bold
The golden dust rises and falls, with a tear drop
And a heartbeat draws another breath before dying

The golden sun sinks under, as the silvery moon arises
Reflecting in the pond is a heartbeat that's still dying
The pail blue hue of the moons shadow is arriving
As the crimson heart bleeds another tear with ever heartbeat

Lost in the silvery ponds of long lost love,
  the crimson heart turns from red into rust
As crystal clear tear drops fall, then turns into dust
And the scarlet heart no longer beats as it should
Broken and unprepared another tear drop hits the dust

The silvery grey clouds now cover the moon, as it must
So the dying heart can now heal and learn how to trust
To help stop the tears and help the heart recover its blush
The silvery grey clouds bring calm as it paints over the rust

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