Often Honest

Around the Big Pillars

I've rolled over in my bed
it looks too much like a couch
I've come so far down again
gonna be after 5 'til I come up again.
I can't see nothing here
knuckles drag my eyes
I'm hoping for something better
ain't low enough this time.

those valves are cracked
no pressure building
I let it slip on by
for me, it seems so easy.
make it to the gravel spot
that's where I park my car
time running out, coffee's hot
like I've got to go too far.

I load up the back row.
I sit in the front row.
I can see everything
I got no reason for what I know.
It's the end of the week
I can't wait for the weekend
I'm gonna have fun then
such a good time, never done.

It's already 8:20
winding faster through tight turns
the people here
don't like to take turns.
we're speeding fast
as fast as we can!
believing that's not me
no coughin', no urns, no burns.

are we having a good time?
do you know? do you remember?
use a method, that's all yours
after all, you know it best.
I'll hold onto this thing
I'll keep it closer than tight
I won't let it go, that's all I know
oh, we're having such a good time!

I'm kicking out the stuff now
I clear up the front row
I can see everything all around
I got nothing that I know.
It's the end of the week
I can't wait for the weekend
I'm gonna have fun
such a good time, never done.

yesterday was back then
today will be over too when
everyone comes around
with our smiles on.
why is it such a fun time?
why did you do it this time?
we'd talked about it
relevance of these crimes.

down the way, babe
we'll see the way, hey
don't know that way,
until we're there, someday.
but it's gonna be a good time-
in another week-end
it'll be such fun
such a good time is never done

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