Sharlene Marie Gomez-Vallejo

Arabian flee bitten grey

I woke up this morning just about dawn Jumped out of bed
and popped my boots on grabbed my keys and
headed for the door Dang it I said the dog went on the floor
I fixed that right up without a doubt closed the door after
turning the lights out Then I drove down that old
country road whith the intent of gettin my new
horse rode When I got there he started to paw &
neah what a beautiful Arabian flee bitten
Grey He seemed to be quite nervous at first
so I set down my keys and old leather purse
I went into the stall with an open mind
haltered him up and he did real fine I led
him around his new home for awhile then
saddled him up and rode off with a smile
Everyday I wake up and give thanks to the
Lord for my flee bitten grey and 98 Ford!